I got a photo printer for free when I got my new camera. I still haven’t even taken it out of the box (perhaps getting something for free makes it easier to ignore?). I have a bunch of frames I want to fill up with pictures–I’ve got some beautiful pictures of my hubby and baby–but I keep not cracking the box. And swearing I’ll do it tomorrow.

Well, tomorrow I will. And then these pictures will be framed for sure, along with a few others:

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I have some gorgeous men in my life…

Why Knit?

There are lots of reasons to knit.

For me, though, it comes to some simple reasons:

  1. I’m taking some pieces of wood, and some string, and making something that someone can wear… that’s just cool.
  2. It is simultaneously completely engaging and not at all. I can focus purely on knitting and be satisfied, or I can knit while I watch TV (and thus hopefully not snack on those m&ms…).
  3. The rhythmic nature of knitting is meditative and relaxing.
  4. There are only two stitches in knitting–knits and purls. Sure, you do awesome looking things with it (although the big secret is that cables are super easy… but don’t tell anyone I told you!), but you do it with knits and purls.
  5. I suck at drawing, painting, etc. in general, so those wouldn’t be good hobbies for me–I don’t want to grow as a person; the fact that I’m 24 years old and my drawings are virtually indistinguishable from a 3rd graders means that any growing that I would do would be to, perhaps, 8th grade level, and it’s just not worth the effort for me.
  6. Knitting in the round looks intimidating (and maybe even dangerous), but is quite fun when you get the hang of it.
  7. Being a knitter makes me safer. I’m much more likely to have sharp, pointy things should someone attack me, and since I use bamboo needles, I could also stake a vampire if I was attacked. And that’s just useful.

That might be it for now. Knit! Try it! You might like it! Join us… we don’t bite!


Six and a half years ago, I made a decision to be a Christian.  I decided to follow Christ.  I wasn’t totally sure what that would entail, nor was I really sure that Jesus was the way to go.  But I made that decision, and I stick by it.

I think that being a Christian and following Christ is more of an attitude and a decision than a spiritual smack in the face.  I’ve never heard heavenly choirs sing.  But I definitely have a relationship with Christ, all my own.  Some days I’m super excited about it, and some days I’m just getting by.   And I think that’s okay.  There is no area of my life that I am ‘on’ all the time.  I don’t know that that is realistic, at least not for me.  I think that, for me, following Jesus means trying to follow him (and actively not not following him, double negative intended) even on the days when I’m not feeling so religious.

That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.


There is something magical when a baby claps. Ds has just recently started clapping a lot, and wihtout prompting. He’ll ever so lightly press his hands together… it’s just beautiful. And a strange, wonderful contrast to when he throws things (like the blocks that his uncle and auntie got for him for Christmas!) with all his might, or grabs a cat tail and yanks. But when he claps, it’s just soft and sweet.

Maybe I’ll be able to catch it on video soon…

Don’t… Touch… My… Baby!!!

What is it with people?

Unsolicited advice is one thing (and is plenty to get me hopping mad…  YOU try putting a hat on my blasted baby!  Is he screaming?  Does he look upset?  No?!?  Then he must be feeling just fine thankyouverymuch!).  But when someone has the audacity to give unsolicited advice while reaching out to touch my child…

Here’s what happened.  I went to the post office today, ds in tow.  Yes, it’s quite cold outside.  And yes, ds’s coat does have a hood.  He hates it though and will shriek if we put it on him, unless the wind blows, when he’ll let me.

Anyway, we’re walking out to the car and a woman walks by and says, “Your baby is cold.”  And then proceeds to grab his hood to put it on him.  I yanked him away (he was Bjorned to me, so I kind of just jerked us both away), and said, ‘Don’t touch my baby, thank you.’

What the hell is wrong with people?  I don’t know you from Adam… why do you think I want you to touch my kid?  It just grosses me out.

Cedar Ridge Community Church

Dh and I went to the Cedar Ridge Community Church today.  We actually went last week, too.

Last week, the sermon was fantastic.  It gave me great things to think about, and put things in a way that I hadn’t thought of before.  We brought ds to the nursery, and I felt like they had a fantastic set up–if ds needed us, we had a number that would flash on the screen if there were any problems.

This week, I felt like people were super friendly.  The ‘sermon’, such as it was, wasn’t as interesting, but it was probably very useful for regular attenders.  And I can see how it would be good to do something like that to make sure that everyone knows what’s going on.  There was a ‘7 minutes on Cedar Ridge’ afterwards, where we learned a little bit about the vision of the church, and we got a gift bag!  With chocolate!  hahaha…  And a coffee mug!  And a pen made out of recycled materials!  The music this week was also just fantastic.  I found the lyrics to be really stirring.

I don’t know where we’ll wind up deciding to make our church home.  On the one hand, I’m anxious to get there, because I feel like volunteering and being involved in a church is not only rewarding, but also helps unite you with other church members and draw closer to Christ.

Split Pea and Sweet Potato Soup

I decided to make my ds some soups that I could blend to give to him as baby food.  I’m getting tired of serving him the same old stuff, so I can only imagine that he’s getting tired of eating it.

So this evening I put together a split pea and sweet potato soup. It was supposed to be split pea and pumpkin soup, but alas, ds has eaten us right out of pumpkin.  So I chopped up our last sweet potato and tossed that in there (actually, dh peeled and chopped the sweet potato).  The soup also includes tomato, onion, cumin, and italian spices.  I cooked it until it was super soft, and then dh tried it… and it is really good!  (He tried to convince me that it would be better grown up food than baby food, and I realized then that I should have made a full sized batch instead of half of what it called for.)

Yay for soup!


I just finished my first wristwarmer.  It’s made of a white yarn with a sparkle to it.  Now I just have to get to work on the other one!  It looks great with my winter coat though!  I’m really excited about it.

Dh thinks that I should knit a matching scarf to go along with it… we’ll see.  I have a long list of things I want to knit before I’d get to something else for me.  But, assuming I finish the other wristwarmer, this will be the first project I will have knit for me!  Yay!

A whole nother and so fun

For years and years I always used the phrase ‘a whole nother’. I felt like my little sister must be from a whole nother planet (just kidding–I love you, Pretty!). I wanted a whole nother piece of key lime pie.

It wasn’t until I decided to write it down one day that I realized that ‘nother’ is not actually a word. It looked funny. I’d never seen it in a book (my ultimate judge on whether a word exists or not). And I was so sad… this incredible word wasn’t actually a word.

There’s a term for it–infixation.

And, to my utter delight, apparently there is an entire blog devoted to finding people using ‘a whole nother’. Rally behind me, everyone! Let’s use the phrase until all but the most strict of grammarians will have to accept it as proper English.

Moving onto grammar that I am less excited about: the term ‘so fun’.

Now, my mother practically beat it into us that saying that something was ‘so fun’ is wholly inappropriate. I can hear her now, “It is SUCH FUN or SO MUCH FUN. There is no such thing as so fun.”

A few years ago, this led to a fight with my husband (yep, I think it was an out-and-out fight!). He was certain that ‘so fun’ was actually correct, and I didn’t have any grammar rules to back up my side except to say, “But my mom is from ENGLAND! She KNOWS!”… which, although true, was perhaps less than convincing.

However, and I give my dh credit for this, he looked it up and discovered that using ‘so fun’ is, in fact, incorrect. The grammar behind it: the word ‘fun’ is not an adjective. ‘So’ is an adverb–and adverbs can only modify other adverbs and adjectives. Thus, ‘so’ cannot modify ‘fun’.

(To present the opposing point of view, my dh would say that common usage of the word ‘fun’ as an adjective (‘What a fun game!’) makes usage of ‘so fun’ acceptable. However, while I don’t mind a fun game, I just can’t tolerate it being ‘so fun’. It’s like nails on chalkboard.)

Don’t you feel smarter? Did you think when you came to read a blog that you’d leave enlightened (and chagrined at the thought of how often you’ve used either ‘a whole nother’ or ‘so fun’ without even thinking about the grammar implications)? You’re very welcome. 😀