Finally blogging!

I know, I know… I can’t believe that I’ve never really had a blog before. All that is changing though! I think I needed to add something to my to-do list… so, a blog seemed just about right! 🙂

About me: I’m 24. I’ve been married for five and a half years (yep, I got married when I was only19!) to my best friend and one of the most incredible people I know (hereafter known as ‘dh’ (dear husband or damned husband, depending on the situation!) to protect the not-so-innocent). We have a 10 month old son (‘ds’ for dear son). We also have two orange cats–Loki, otherwise known as The Beast, and Rags, or, the minimonster.

I’m an auditor with a large accounting firm, working on a really large audit client. I passed the CPA exam last year (I wanted to get it over with before I had the baby). I love to knit, I’m a voracious reader, and I sing in the car… probably off key. But that’s all for now…

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