Knits and Purls

Last night I started knitting some white wristwarmers introduced to me by an incredible woman I know from online. She said they’re easy… that remains to be seen!

I just finished a red scarf that I’m going to send to the OFA’s Red Scarf Project. The OFA is the Orphan Foundation of America, and they send scarves in care packages to foster youth in college. I was excited to be able to knit something for someone else, and for such a good cause. I need to take a picture of it before I send it though.

I taught myself to knit last Christmas (so, 2005) when I was pregnant. Dh had gotten me a ‘Teach Yourself To Knit’ kit ages ago, and I finally broke it out to learn… you know, to accomplish something before the year ended. After making a horrifically ugly potholder (where I thought I was knitting AND purling… but I was really just knitting and knitting badly lol), I made a scarf for dh. I don’t know where I got the patience, because it is an incredibly l-o-n-g scarf, and not very interesting–just a regular K2P2 ribbed pattern.

3 responses to “Knits and Purls

  1. Those wrist warmers are so cute! Eventually I’m going to get around to knitting one of those. Right now though, I still have to finish the vest I started 2 years ago!

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