Am I a lactivist?  No, I wouldn’t say that I am.  But I am grateful for all of the pioneers of our time who took a stand for breastfeeding and for everyone who is helping pave the way for breastfeeding in our culture.  Ds is 10 months old, and I have no intention of weaning him anytime soon.  I love breastfeeding my son, and am glad that we were able to work past the 6 months of pain.  I’m glad that I didn’t quit.

I have friends who didn’t breastfeed.  And I think it’s sad when they are criticized for their decisions.  Some of them couldn’t–for whatever reason it was too painful, too difficult, whatever.  And some of them just didn’t want to.  And just as I reserve the right to breastfeed my son for as long as I want to, I feel they should have the right to make their parenting decisions free from criticism and scorn.  Am I a better mother than someone else because I chose to breastfeed and she didn’t?  Absolutely not.

It’s about time that we, as women, as mothers, as human beings, stop being so critical of other people.  We need to stop puffing ourselves up for our ‘superior’ decisions.  I’m just a girl trying to do my best for my family.  And I imagine that my friends who formula fed their babies are doing the same thing.


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