What I’m reading

A friend recently mentioned the author Jodi Picoult to me.  When I was browsing my local library looking for something new to read, I remembered the name and so I grabbed two books off the shelf–there were at least 10 different titles to choose from.  The first book that I read was called Plain Truth.  I thought it was just fantastic.  I got sucked into the story within the first few pages, and had a hard time focusing on anything else until I’d finished.

I’m currently reading Keeping Faith.  Although it didn’t grab my attention as quickly as the other, now that I’m a bit into it, I’m just as sucked in.  (I find the main character, Mariah, a bit less sympathetic than Ellie was in Plain Truth, and I think that’s mostly because I relate more to Ellie.  And Mariah is growing on me.)

Happy reading!


One response to “What I’m reading

  1. How interesting that you know how to make this work! Don’t know how to change my password yet. I’m sure you’ll give me the info I need. I’m so excited about this authoress. Just started reading a little and I’m totally sucked in (as you put it). Maybe I’ll get as excited about blogging. It’s a whole new concept for me. Thank you so much. Love Mum

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