I love m&ms. Members of my family may remember me sitting around as a kid, eating m&ms by the bowlful and reading. (I was kind of a nerdy kid…and really lucky I didn’t get enormously fat!)

However, right now, I think the best kind of m&ms are actually the holiday ones. Yes, color does matter. I’m still finishing the green and red ones we got for Christmas. But I have some pink, red, and white ones in the wings, ready to have on hand.

M&ms are good for so many things–a couple of m&ms will get you through a chocolate craving. On the days that I wish my coffee was a little bit sweeter in the morning, an m&m gives me just the right amount. It’s great!

Plus, they look really pretty and festive in a pretty glass in the living room…although I’m still trying to figure out how to convince my dh that he really shouldn’t eat them all if they’re there…

*Note: Even though I’m writing about m&ms, I don’t want KitKats to think that they don’t still hold the highest place in my heart. KitKats are still my absolute favorites, and I don’t want their feelings to be hurt because I’m showing the love to m&ms instead.


2 responses to “m&ms

  1. Remember the time you asked for “n&n’s”, and I took a bunch of m&m’s and scraped the second bump off the “m,” so you could have exactly what you asked for?

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