Split Pea and Sweet Potato Soup

I decided to make my ds some soups that I could blend to give to him as baby food.  I’m getting tired of serving him the same old stuff, so I can only imagine that he’s getting tired of eating it.

So this evening I put together a split pea and sweet potato soup. It was supposed to be split pea and pumpkin soup, but alas, ds has eaten us right out of pumpkin.  So I chopped up our last sweet potato and tossed that in there (actually, dh peeled and chopped the sweet potato).  The soup also includes tomato, onion, cumin, and italian spices.  I cooked it until it was super soft, and then dh tried it… and it is really good!  (He tried to convince me that it would be better grown up food than baby food, and I realized then that I should have made a full sized batch instead of half of what it called for.)

Yay for soup!


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