Don’t… Touch… My… Baby!!!

What is it with people?

Unsolicited advice is one thing (and is plenty to get me hopping mad…  YOU try putting a hat on my blasted baby!  Is he screaming?  Does he look upset?  No?!?  Then he must be feeling just fine thankyouverymuch!).  But when someone has the audacity to give unsolicited advice while reaching out to touch my child…

Here’s what happened.  I went to the post office today, ds in tow.  Yes, it’s quite cold outside.  And yes, ds’s coat does have a hood.  He hates it though and will shriek if we put it on him, unless the wind blows, when he’ll let me.

Anyway, we’re walking out to the car and a woman walks by and says, “Your baby is cold.”  And then proceeds to grab his hood to put it on him.  I yanked him away (he was Bjorned to me, so I kind of just jerked us both away), and said, ‘Don’t touch my baby, thank you.’

What the hell is wrong with people?  I don’t know you from Adam… why do you think I want you to touch my kid?  It just grosses me out.


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