I Lost a Bet

I’m typically not a betting person (I much prefer slots, thank you!).

But the other day, when Conner told me that a green bean was a fruit, we made a bet. If he was right–that a green bean is a fruit–I would fold the laundry this week. All of it. Including the stuff from the last few weeks that somebody (we won’t name names about who…) didn’t put away.

I was certain I’d win. Who the heck ever heard of a green bean being a fruit? Seriously.

I was wrong. Yep, you heard it here. Green beans “are the unripe fruits of any kind of bean.

“A technicality!” you cry. I know. I did too. But the bet was whether a green bean was a fruit. And it is.

Today, honoring my debt (as any good gambler will), I started folding laundry. But the fates are against it.

First, Oliver decided to ‘help’ by picking up any piece of folded clothing and putting it back into the basket. And then taking it out again and throwing it.

While I was trying to ignore that and keep working, Loki (The Beast) decided to crawl into my lap for a good cuddle. Which, of course, means that he doesn’t think I should do anything else, on penalty of teeth.

So the laundry has been abandoned, half folded, on the living room floor.

Anyone wanna make a bet?


3 responses to “I Lost a Bet

  1. Oooh – tricky!

    However, even though it is a botanical fruit, it is classified as part of the vegetable food group according to the USDA food pyramid. You can argue!

    But, if you take his definition of fruit, you can now classify nutella and peanut butter as fruit! Hmm – I can definitely get my 5 servings of fruit from nutella every day!

  2. Unfortunately, I didn’t bet that it was a vegetable… but that it wasn’t a fruit.

    So I don’t really have a leg to stand on. Conner never said that it wasn’t multiple classifications.

    Darn it. But I’ll take a helping of nutella as well…

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