Where Are You From?

That doesn’t seem like it should be a tricky question, does it?   But what does one really mean when they say it?

They could be asking the following questions…. Where were you born?   What is your nationality?  Where do you live?  Where did you live last? Where did you spend your childhood?  Where did you go to high school?  Where did you live the longest?  What place do you identify as ‘home’?

My answers to each of these is probably different:   1.  Canada.  2. British.  3.  Maryland.  4.  New York  5.  New Jersey  6.  Florida  7.  Florida/New Jersey  8.  Wherever Conner is.

So, where are you from?  And maybe we should be more exact when we ask…

Or, maybe I should be more vague… where am I from?  This time zone.  I’ve never lived outside of it.


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