Language Quirks

Most people (or at least, most people that I come in contact with), have their words that they use–whether it be the adjective that describes everything (man–that party was wicked!), their filler word (It was, you know, a pretty good party.), or a word they use in very specific situations.   I think that our ears are trained to ignore those words, in general.

Me, I hear them.  I try to point other people’s quirky language style to Conner, and he can never hear it.  I’ve even gone so far as to poke him in the ribs, totally obtrusively, after hearing it.  He still doesn’t.

Am I the only one?  Does anyone else notice the language quirks of those around them?  Do you point them out?  Do you ever count them?  (of course, I would never, ever do that…)


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