I bought a box of straws today.

I was glad when I read the box and learned that these straws were indeed waterproof!   I had to buy them!

I just feel badly for the dope who bought the straws that aren’t waterproof.  He’s going to feel silly…


5 responses to “Waterproof!

  1. Oh, Straw.
    Oh, implement of mine potable delights.
    A leak unto thee is aberant.
    Wickedness most foul.
    May thine slippery slopes remain parched forever.
    Oh, Straw.

  2. B–yep, drinking straws. Wacky, eh?

    cas… you’re hilarious! I miss you! You should come visit so I can cook for you…

    Halcyon… are there paper straws? What would you do with them? lol!! Now I TOTALLY want some paper straws!

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