Portobello Burgers

We had Portobello Burgers last night for dinner.  (Got the recipe from the Cooking for 2 magazine, so props to them!)

So good!  You should make them tonight.

I was worried that the balsamic vinegar would be too strong–either too balsamic-y or too vinegar-y, or both.  But it was delicious!   We used some Focaccini Buns from Trader Joe’s, which is a great place to shop.  Go there tonight!

Okay… unsolicited advice time is over for the day (and I know some family members who will be grateful for that! You know who you are!  :P).  Enjoy it for the rest of the night!


6 responses to “Portobello Burgers

  1. I love portobello burgers. I think they taste even better than real burgers. There’s this Italian restaurant Sean and I go to some time that grill their portobellos in the same grill as the steaks, so they taste awesome.

    I also really like soy burgers. Yum!

  2. I stumbled on a similar recipee as I was on a diet last year. I sautee the Portabello in Olive oil, butter and Balsamic vinager till the little fins on the bottom are soaked. The butter maked the whole concoction fairly goopey and wonderfull. and cooking vinegar gets rid of the sharp flavor naturaly. But then I use balsamic vinegar in almost everything I cook. any time sauteed vegies go in they’re fried in the wonderful nectar.

  3. Well, actually I think it’s technically a brick oven-like grill. I’m not sure how it works, but I don’t think it actually touches the meat…

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