Photo Printer

Maybe there’s a trick to it.   But my new photo printer sucks.  For whatever reason, the photos all look weird and like the printer doesn’t print in very many pixels or something, and they’re crooked.

I’m glad it was free.  I should probably break out the book and troubleshoot it.. and I’m sure I will at some point.  Until then, maybe I’ll get some website to send my my photos.

What a let down.  😦


4 responses to “Photo Printer

  1. True. Although sometimes it’s not bad. I usually get mine done at Wal-mart, so I don’t know what your stores will have, but I upload them online and then just go pick it up next time I go get groceries. Wal-greens does the same thing too, I think…

  2. Huh. Interesting. I think that RiteAid and CVS do as well–and we live really close to them. I could get Conner to pick photos up on his walk home from the train. Hmmmm… this is all of a sudden way more convenient for me! hahaha

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