Green Beans and an iPod

Apparently, and in case you were considering a little experiment, green beans and iPods don’t mix well.

I had a container of baby food green beans in my purse along with my iPod shuffle (a Valentine’s present last year from my sweetie) .  The green beans leaked, and now my iPod doesn’t work.  A sad day for me, indeed.

Thankfully, I have a monthly allowance, and got in on a last minute bidding war on eBay for one of the new shuffles (you know, smaller but holds more songs?), and won!  I managed to get it for $10 cheaper than I would have on (including shipping).

And, Kullervo has kindly offered to let me borrow his nano until the new one comes–isn’t he wonderful?  My drive to work every day would be much longer and worse if I didn’t have good music to listen to.


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