A Divine Revelation of Hell

Once, back when I was a heathen in high school, a girl came up to me with a book–A Divine Revelation of Hell by Mary Baxter.  She said I needed it.


Now, after reading parts of it (out loud, in class, and with as much mocking as I could muster), I realized that the book was AWESOME.  Seriously.  You should totally get a copy.  Great reading!


In this book, Ms. Baxter discusses how over the course of about a month or so, Jesus came to her in dreams and showed her HELL, and told her to write a book about it.  If my memory serves, Jesus took her to all kinds of different HELLs–where different kind of sinners went.  Said girl who lent me the book had pointed out some areas in particular that I should look at (after all, I was clearly going to HELL).


Now, again, this memory is at least 7 years old, so if I misquote Ms. Baxter, my apologies.  But I do believe that based on Girl’s recommendation, I would be going to a HELL where I would be eternally walking, chained up with other people, into something (Fire?  Mud?  Blood?  A body graveyard full of blood and gore?  I don’t remember what it was, but it was certainly sucky and gross, and almost definitely unpleasant.).


I was glad that I would be eternally walking into it–it meant I would never actually get there, which is actually not so bad.  I mean, my legs would probably be tired from all the chains and the walking and all, but the trouble with something being endless is that it can’t end.  So if I got there, it would be over.


 Now, it is quite possible that right now I’m mocking the book just a little bit (as a somewhat-less-heatheny Christian, no less!).  While I’m sure that Ms. Baxter was doing her best to save other people from eternal torment, I find her claims of prophet to be less than believable.  But it did make a nice comeback in high school to Girl when I was able to ask her where people who judged other people would go in HELL, and was she prepared for it.  (Hey… I was 17… cut me some slack for immaturity!)


Also, for fun, read some of the reviews on the Amazon listing… much praise for Ms. Baxter! Beware!  HELL!  (This time, when you read ‘HELL’… yell it while waving your arms around a bit.  That’s how I meant that one to sound. )



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