The Sad, Sad Tale of the Beautiful Red Dress

A few months ago, Saks had a window display that I passed every day on the way to work. There was a beautiful red dress in the window, and every day I lusted after it, and dreamed of the day that I’d find the time to go and try it on. The way the dress was cut, I knew it would look great on me, and hide the post-baby flaws that I’ve been too lazy to get rid of. We had a big gala coming up at my work, too, so I even had a place to wear it!

So, finally we had the time and the inclination to go there. We drove to Saks, parked, and zoomed into the store without looking at the display window. We searched the store high and low (and it didn’t seem to be organized in any logical manner, mind you), and could not find the dress.

Finally, we went back outside so that I could show Conner the dress, and then we could kind of estimate where in the store it was to strip the mannequin (because I will totally do that). We got to the window, and looked at the dress… and it was hideous! Just an ugly, ugly dress. Up close it didn’t look anything like what I had thought I’d seen from the car every day. It was shapeless, and had odd creases in it that made it kind of look like it had been worn on a runway in which the model wearing it had been trampled by the others–probably for wearing such an ugly dress.

It was a sad day.


One response to “The Sad, Sad Tale of the Beautiful Red Dress

  1. I HATE when that happens 😦

    Hope you find another really nice dress that is also the right price!

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