Wet Dog Spaghetti

We haven’t had spaghetti for dinner in months, so tonight was going to be the night.

Conner got some ground turkey out of the freezer, and I happily went about making a yummy sauce.  The meat kind of smelled like wet dog, but I ignored it since I often don’t like the smell of meat.

We sat down to eat, both took our first bite, looked at each other, and immediately spit it out.  It not only smelled like wet dog.  It tasted like it.

So, hot dogs and frozen pizza for dinner tonight.  And probably no spaghetti for some time… and maybe with fresh meat next time.


3 responses to “Wet Dog Spaghetti

  1. I can not stress enough the importance of fresh ingredients in foods. I will take his oportunity to advise you to move to the country and start a livestock ranch. Some pigs and cows along with some rabits and chickens and you’ll never want for fresh meat again. If you get really adventurous you can try horse. I hear the euro’s love it.

  2. Hey Cas… if I raised ’em, I couldn’t eat them. 😀 I have a hard enough time eating meat without having seen it grow up. 😛

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