Random Observations

I was thinking today that I’d like to spend more time people watching.  This came to my attention because I was sitting at a traffic light and absentmindedly flipping through songs on my iPod (it was hooked up to the car stereo), and I saw someone next to me.  I spent the rest of my drive home thinking about what could have been going on.  Here’s what I saw:

  • A woman, perhaps mid 50s, with a bobbed hair cut, was in the car next to mine. She was speaking animatedly into a mini tape recorder (I wonder if that’s legal to do in DC since cell phones aren’t…), gazing at her wedding band and ENORMOUS diamond ring.
    • Some of many possible scenarios to explain this:
      • The woman is truly a woman scorned. Her husband cheated, and she was recording all the lurid details for her lawyer.
      • She just got engaged, and was admiring her ring while keeping a vocal journal of trysts with her new fiance.
      • She has an extremely high power- but incredibly boring- job that requires her to write long letters, but being so powerful she is able to dictate them and have her assistant transcribe them for her.   The letters are so boring that she has no choice but to remind herself why she has that job–the luxuries it can afford her.

I love thinking of stories for people.   We spend so much time not thinking about how many other people there are, and how they’re living lives at the exact same time as us, but in completely different circumstances.

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