What’re You Listening To?

Now that the weather has warmed up a bit, I often drive home from work with my windows open.  I love this time of year, because I love how free and fresh the world feels.  I love driving with the windows down and the radio turned up.

I noticed the other day, though, that perhaps I’m shallow.  Maybe we all are, and it’s not limited to me.

When I’m driving with my windows down, I change what kind of music I’m listening to.

Don’t get me wrong–I don’t start listening to stuff I don’t like. But there are some artists or songs that I would have no problem rocking out to with the windows up that I’ll shuffle right through if the windows are down.  I assume it has something to do with how I want others to think of me.   But I’m not usually that shallow, I don’t think, and I have no problem being THAT person in the car.  You know the one I’m talking about–the one you see in your rear view mirror who is totally dancing and singing in the car.  I’m that person.

Am I alone here?  Does anyone else have music that they’ll listen to loud and proud… when nobody can hear?


4 responses to “What’re You Listening To?

  1. I sometimes swap to some nice canadian folk and turn the radio way up, when I drive up to a car withfour huge black guys listening to extroaordinarily loud base thumping rap. I pretend they can hear my puny speakers over their rolling audio-palace’s patronizing acustic superiority, but im’ nearly certain they just wonder why I’m off beat.

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