I was listening to Christian radio the other day, and heard a song.  The song was catchy enough, but one of the lines in the chorus said something like ‘You are worthy of our prayers (or praise or something along those lines).’

It seems like a weird thing to say.  That God is worthy of what we give Him?  Really?  I mean, I’m not saying that He’s not worthy… but rather, where do we get off?

I think it’s hard to describe, but it seems like a sort of pride to declare that after we’ve thought about it, we’ve decided that God is worthy of our worship.  Who do we think we are?


4 responses to “Worthy

  1. I just tag surfed in. Isn’t it more of a statement that He alone is worthy of our praise? We try to give our praise to a lot of things, and they are not worthy!

  2. I can very much see your point.

    We had a religion prof. at school who was annoyed that so many of today’s ‘worship’ songs are so…. ‘us’ centered. He said that if you’re going to worship, GOD needs to be the focus.

    I know I’ll end up thinking twice when I sign those, ‘worthy’ songs now. 😉

  3. Cyclicalvomit–you’re right. I think saying that He alone is worthy of our praise sounds much better. And is also one of those things that make you think–like, what else do I worship without realizing that that’s what I’m doing? What is my golden calf?

    Maybe the song did say that He alone was worthy… I was incredibly sick that day, so tuning in and out to what I was hearing. 😀

  4. I would agree – it sounds more like an affirmation than a judgment, even without the “alone”.

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