I am a Knitter

I realized the other day that I am no longer a knitter.  I am now a Knitter.  Capital K.

I was sitting in traffic in my car, jamming (with the windows up) to some music, when I noticed that the girl in the car next to me was wearing a really interesting hat.  At the distance I was, I couldn’t easily tell if it was knit with an interesting knit pattern, or if it had been crocheted, so I was staring intently to see if I could make out the details.  In any case, the hat was gorgeous.

After I’d be scrutinizing her for a little while, I noticed that she was looking back at me, and  realized that I had been staring at her.  Incredibly embarrassed, I looked away really quickly and started laughing.  But then I thought that if I was her, and saw someone look at me, and then look away and laugh, I’d feel really self conscious all day long–wondering if there was something weird in my hair or if I had a huge piece of spinach stuck in my teeth or something.  I wanted to communicate to her that I wasn’t trying to make her uncomfortable, but sitting at a traffic light I couldn’t very well write her a little note!  (Although I wish I could have… I would have loved to find that pattern!)

So I looked back at her, hoping to be able to convey that I wasn’t making fun of her.  She was still looking at me, and so I acted without thinking (or without thinking anything beyond not wanting her to think I was doing anything but admiring her hat.)  So I did what seemed natural.

I winked at her.


The traffic light changed and I pulled away as fast as I could.

Dear Toyota

My (now open) letter:

Dear Toyota,

I have a 2000 Toyota Corolla. I have only ever owned a Corolla, and was going to be perfectly happy only ever owning a Corolla–or a Toyota product of some kind.

However, the outside door handles on my car seem perilously fragile. First the passenger side door handle broke off–while my husband was opening the door. While I think he is quite studly, he certainly isn’t Superman, and he does know his own strength. Getting it fixed was quite expensive–around $200. Then, last week, when I was getting into my car, I went to open the door and the driver’s side door handle broke off. (This, by the way, makes getting into the car quite tricky!) I really, really hate to spend another $200 to fix a door handle that broke in normal use.

I am now a little wary of buying another Toyota. If the door handles are made so poorly, what else about the structure of the car is not adequate? I have a year old son, and safety is of top priority with me–and if I can’t rely on a door handle to last the lifetime of a car… how can I rely on any of the car’s parts?

I would like some advice and reassurance. I don’t want to pay for this door handle to be fixed. My car isn’t under warranty anymore (I did buy it Certified Used, but the time limit has since expired.), but I think that this is a reasonable request.

I would appreciate some feedback from Toyota on the matter.

Thank you so much!

Christian Service and Motivation

I want to be more like Christ.  Sounds simple enough, right?

So, I’m trying to go out of my way to help other people, be nice to people, stop swearing at bad drivers (maybe that’s a vice I can keep?), etc.

But I don’t know if I have the right motivations.  Maybe I’m metathinking, but is it enough, is it okay, to do stuff because it’s the right thing to do?  I mean, I feel like my motivations should be more pure somehow–like, I should just want to, or it should just be the way that I am.   Maybe in doing good stuff it will become the person I am, but for right now I feel like a fraud who’s pretending to be kind.

Because really, let’s face it, I’m a grumpy bugger.