Dear Toyota

My (now open) letter:

Dear Toyota,

I have a 2000 Toyota Corolla. I have only ever owned a Corolla, and was going to be perfectly happy only ever owning a Corolla–or a Toyota product of some kind.

However, the outside door handles on my car seem perilously fragile. First the passenger side door handle broke off–while my husband was opening the door. While I think he is quite studly, he certainly isn’t Superman, and he does know his own strength. Getting it fixed was quite expensive–around $200. Then, last week, when I was getting into my car, I went to open the door and the driver’s side door handle broke off. (This, by the way, makes getting into the car quite tricky!) I really, really hate to spend another $200 to fix a door handle that broke in normal use.

I am now a little wary of buying another Toyota. If the door handles are made so poorly, what else about the structure of the car is not adequate? I have a year old son, and safety is of top priority with me–and if I can’t rely on a door handle to last the lifetime of a car… how can I rely on any of the car’s parts?

I would like some advice and reassurance. I don’t want to pay for this door handle to be fixed. My car isn’t under warranty anymore (I did buy it Certified Used, but the time limit has since expired.), but I think that this is a reasonable request.

I would appreciate some feedback from Toyota on the matter.

Thank you so much!


9 responses to “Dear Toyota

  1. I’ve never had any trouble with either of my Toyota trucks. Granted the second is only a few months old and has judt over 5000 miles on it. Sounds like horrible luck personally. Maybe you should try to get the batch recalled 🙂 They could replace it with a brand new 2007.
    yeah right…

  2. I’ve heard a lot of people whose Corolla handles broke. I think it was that particular model years or something like that… Apparently, the new ones don’t have that problem (of course, it could just be that they’re not old enough yet).

    I’m sorry for y’all’s luck though!

  3. My door handle broke off in the inside of the car.
    Do I have to take the car to a dealer ship to get this repaired fixed?

    Can i fix therepair myself?

    Please advise as soon as possible


  4. The interior door handles are super-easy to fix and/or replace if you have the part, and you can get the part from a junkyard pretty cheaply. All you need is about five minutes and a screwdriver.

  5. How about the outside door handle? I bought a replacement driver side door handle for my Tacoma Prerunner, but I don’t know how to get in there to replace it. The inside panel seems pretty securely attached, and I’ve taken out 4 screws already.

  6. Um, Des, and anyone else who comments – I am not a Toyota person and have close to zero knowledge about cars. I just have a Toyota with crappy door handles. Many of which are still broken on my car and which I have learned to live with.

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