The Search for an OB, Part 2

So, after I wrote my Good Help is Hard to Find post, I went to the obstetrician again to get my first ultrasound done.  This time, I saw a different doctor in the same practice.

She was much more normal.  She seemed reasonable and sensible, and not excitable about things like bread.  At one point, I mentioned that I’d heard that I should avoid bread products during pregnancy and she said no, but that if I started gaining too much weight too quickly (she mentioned 20 pounds in one month), then I should consider altering my diet so that I stay healthy and don’t get gestational diabetes.  That I can deal with.

So, for now, as long as it works out, we’re going to continue going to this office and seeing this doctor, because she’s not a nut.  Or at least, not so far.  🙂

2 responses to “The Search for an OB, Part 2

  1. I’m glad you found someone you can deal with. Becca’s doctor was crazy, but in a pleasant way. She was extremely quirky, but very professional. Especially as first time parents, it was nice that we had someone good.

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