Baby Dreams

I don’t remember if this was the case the first time around, but ever since I got pregnant I’ve been having really vivid dreams.

Some recurring themes:

1.  (The most horrible)  I went through a spell for a few weeks where I’d dream every night that Oliver died.  Every night it was different, but ended the same.  One night I dreamed that Oliver choked on something, and by the time I started doing the Heimlich, he’d gone limp in my arms, and I was calling 911 and trying to do CPR, but he was gone.  Another time he drowned in the swimming pool.  Every night he’d die in a new, creative way, and he’d die while I was holding him, futilely trying to save him.

2.  Bugs.  This has been on and off.  I keep dreaming that I see a bug–a ginormous spider floating down from the ceiling, something huge and gross on my pillow… it’s never clear because I am 100% certain that I’m awake at the time, and it’s dark in our room.  So every time, I wake up Conner and make him look for the bug, while he tells me it was just a dream and I threaten to make HIM just a dream if he keeps making light of the huge bug that’s clearly going to menace me.

Tonight I actually saw a bug on the floor, so I’m sure I’ll have a bug dream tonight…. hopefully it will just be a dream and not the actual bug up in my bed.


One response to “Baby Dreams

  1. you know…I dream more when I’m hot, especially bad dreams. I know some people will dream more depending on what they eat. And what has been eaten can often cause certain kinds of dreams (like the bugs). Have you been eating a lot of a certain something?

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