We’ve Been Robbed!

One of the neat things about the apartment complex we live in is that we can get a garden plot to grow stuff.  We’ve had a fairly unsuccessful crop, because at a critical period in our garden’s life I had to go away for a week for work, and I took the family.  The garden was neglected and the weeds suffocated all that we had.

Undeterred, we got new seeds and laid out a second crop.  Almost none of the new plants grew, but we got a sturdy group of broccoli plants–about 7 or so–that were growing nicely.  (We also have a watermelon growing in the back, but don’t tell anyone!)

We went out today, and all of the good broccoli are gone.  There is one broken plant left, and one that is pretty wimpy.  The others aren’t all of a sudden dead, but completely vanished, without a trace they were even in the garden.

I’m so disappointed.  And angry at the jerks who’ll steal the only good looking plant from a garden–I mean, seriously–the rest of our plot looks pretty pathetic.


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