Baby Sling Contest at Mamanista!

I am a huge fan of baby wearing.  I found it so much easier to strap Oliver onto me to do, and it’s way more convenient in a city than a stroller.  Plus, I love the cuddle time with my cutie.

With another one on the way, I want to up my quantity of slings and carriers.  And Mamanista–a wonderful and fun site–is having a contest for a really pretty sling that will look great with my new baby girl!  Check it out! 


2 responses to “Baby Sling Contest at Mamanista!

  1. My cousin does this! I think it’s great. My boss thinks it is great too. She is a physical anthropologist and just adores babies. She is finding that too many babies are on their backs a little too much. So their heads get a little flat in the back. She says these slings help that. Then babies aren’t in the car seat or stroller too much.

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