The C-Section Blues

Five more days till I have my second C!

One of my biggest complaints about the people who write pregnancy books is that they don’t focus nearly enough time and pages on C-sections.  Most of the literature out there is on preventing c-sections.  Doing a search on Amazon for books using the keyword ‘cesarean section’ results in 4 books about c-sections or recovery from c-sections on the first page.  The first page also has 3 books on preventing a c-section, as well as two on having a VBAC.  There are also some others that aren’t clear about where they stand, or are about childbirth in general.

What to Expect, your generic pregnancy book, doesn’t devote much time and attention to c-sections, and mainly focuses on how to prevent them.  Considering that between a quarter and a third of all births in the US are delivered via c-section, you’d think there would be more written about it.

There are lots of reasons to have a c-section, but since most women aren’t educated about these reasons ahead of time, it’s no surprise that there can be a lot of mixed feelings after having an unexpected one.  For me, the most difficult part was that I was wholly unprepared for it.  I had no idea what the recovery would be like.  It was incredibly frustrating, and being that it was so hard to find anything that discussed it in an objective fashion, it was even more difficult to learn about the best ways to recover.

Anyway, a fun fact about C-sections:

1.  The term cesarean section is redundant.  While it is often speculated that a Cesarean section is so named because Julius Caesar was supposedly delivered via c-section, my understanding is that this is a myth.  The etymology can be traced to the Latin word ‘caedere’, which means to cut.  Thus, the cut-section delivery is actually repetitive.

Expect to see more blogging about c-sections.  I plan on calling out the group that I will now refer to as the ‘vagina warriors’.  I am tired of being told that having a c-section isn’t something I should plan for, isn’t something that I should want, and isn’t an adequate way of giving birth.


2 responses to “The C-Section Blues

  1. First CONGRATS on a new baby!!!
    I was totally unprepared for my cesarean with my third child. Her head was turned at a funny angle, we found out. After 13 hours of labor and nothing, I had a cesarean. I wasn’t really freaked out about it. I just didn’t like having to stay those extra days. I had lost lots of blood and was very sick, so I stayed 5 days. Once I got home I was able to relax and enjoy the new baby and my other children. And heal.
    Our fourth baby is due in 8 weeks. I had thought about hiring a midwife and a couple doulas and try a VBAC. After talking with my doctor, I have been going to these people for 14 years, I opted for another cesarean. I just thought it seemed a safer choice than having a VBAC. ~Since I working on my Doula certification, I think birth rocks.~
    I wish you the best and a happy wonderful birth. The end result is the same, that beautiful baby to hold in your arms.
    Best of LUCK!

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