A Week Ago Was the Day!

I had my baby girl, Hazel, a week ago! She was born healthy and beautiful, and both of us are doing well. I am recovering much more quickly than I did with Oliver’s delivery. The members of our LDS church ward have been wonderful and have brought us food every day this week, since I’ve been home from the hospital, which is extra sweet of them considering that we don’t go to the Mormon church anymore.

So, since I’ve been on a c-section blogging kick, I figure I should, since I remember much more about the procedure than last time, give an account of what happened and how it went.

I arrived at the hospital at about 10:30 for my 12:45 surgery. They checked us in, had us fill out some paperwork, and brought us back to the initial room, where I guess that women who are having vaginal deliveries actually deliver their babies. I wasn’t there for very long. I filled out some more paperwork, changed into one of those horrible hospital gowns that don’t close in the back, and answered lots of questions about allergies, medical history, etc. When Conner was out of the room to get food, they asked if he was abusive towards me (he’s not), because if he was they would have brought social services in to talk to me.

They gave me my IV (which involved getting stuck with the needle twice because I have roll-y veins that don’t cooperate with the IV), and walked me back to the operating room (I got a second gown to wear backwards to cover my exposed bum on the way). Conner was asked to wait outside while I got my spinal block.

(Note that there is a difference between a spinal block and an epidural, which is the common medication given to women in labor to ease their pain. The main difference that I know of is that an epidural involves inserting a catheter into the spine, which means that the medicine can be ‘topped off’ if it starts to wear off. A spinal block doesn’t involve a catheter, and thus lasts as long as it lasts. If it was to wear off during a c-section, I imagine they’d just give a general anesthesia, but since a c-section typically takes about 45 minutes to an hour, and a spinal block lasts 2-3 hours, that’s not very likely.)

So, they gave me my spinal block, put a nose tube in to give me oxygen (which smelled bad and made my nose sore and dry afterwards), and strapped my legs to the table. I was a little worried that I wouldn’t get numb enough, but that wasn’t an issue at all. My doctor came in, made sure I was numb, and the nurses put up a paper screen between me and my stomach so that I couldn’t watch the procedure. (I kind of wanted to watch–who gets to see their own guts?)

My doctor told me what she was doing throughout the procedure–cutting through the skin, cutting through any fat (which I told her to feel free to remove, and she said that there wasn’t really much there anyway). After about 20-30 minutes, I started to feel nauseated, but I really didn’t want to throw up (last time I threw up on Conner… oops), so I just didn’t say anything and tried to breathe through it.

It was interesting to see the camaraderie and the light-heartedness of the doctors during the surgery. They were talking about the music playing (Sinead O’Connor at one point), about their names and whether they liked their names… it was reassuring because it made it seem much more routine and made me feel like there wasn’t anything going wrong.

Finally, they told Conner to get the camera ready because they were about to bring Hazel into the world!

… more to come soon!


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