Baby Blues

Except, they don’t seem so ‘blue’.

I’ve been experiencing the emotional roller coaster that goes along with having a baby, but it hasn’t really made me sad.  It’s made me cry a lot.  Mostly I’ll look at my beautiful family, and just cry because they’re all incredible.  I have this fantastic husband who is so sweet and thoughtful, and who just loves me so much–even when I’m not so lovable.  I have my little boy who is growing up to be such a cool little kid.  And I have my beautiful daughter who is just precious beyond words.

I did have some rough days, but those were mostly due to the pain of initiating breastfeeding again, I think.  In any case, I am glad that I haven’t had to deal with anything more serious than it has been, and even though I have to restrict my reading to non-emotional suspense novels, and will cry at the slightest provocation, I know that it is so much worse and harder for others.


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