In recent months I’ve been wondering: is there a requirement that in order to be a receptionist at a doctor’s office that a person has to pass a ‘surly’ test? And an incompetence test?

I feel like every doctor’s office I go to, the receptionists are rude, mean, and inconsiderate. When I was first pregnant with Hazel, my OBGYN’s receptionist implied that I would lose the baby before my next appointment. At Hazel’s pediatrician today, Hazel was crying bloody murder, but the receptionist kept interrupting me while I was trying to make her follow up appointment… interrupting me to talk to the other receptionists. Finally, I said I’d call to make an appointment and left. I wanted to ask her if she realized that when a two week old is crying like that, it means she’s probably hungry. So my milk is letting down. I’m probably stressing out because my newborn is crying. The last thing I want to know is the gossip of what ‘the girls’ are doing later. Give me a break!

The receptionist at my dentist’s office was one of the ones who was berating me about getting a second c-section and not trying for a VBAC.

So, is it a secret rule in the receptionist manual?


One response to “Receptionists

  1. But remember the receptionist on the OB/GYN floor at NYU Downtown Hospital? She was really nice, and friendly.

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