Why I Had a Second Child

I didn’t know this until yesterday–so it’s more a retrospective reason.

I was trying to put something together for dinner (an asparagus, spinach, and portobello mushroom risotto that wound up being delicious!), and Oliver was puttering around playing with his Thomas trains. Hazel was in her bouncy seat, and started to cry. I couldn’t get to her right away, and was trying to wash my hands of the raw onions. I peek around the corner, and see Oliver standing in front of Hazel, holding the activity bar of her bouncy seat, which has stuffed animals hanging from it. He then starts pointing to each of the animals, telling her that one of them is a zebra, one of them is an alligator, and one of them is an elephant. And he keeps stopping and giving her big smiles.

I melted and wish I could have videoed it.

But that’s why I had my second baby. Watching Oliver turn into a caring, sweet boy who loves and takes care of his sister is beautiful.


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