To A Mouse

The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men,
Gang aft agley (Robert Burns)

I did everything right, for once.  It’s Cherry Blossom time here in the DC area, and I wanted to photograph it.  I was there a few days ago, scoping the place out, and wanted to go again sans Oliver to concentrate on getting some good photos.

Last night I charged my camera battery.  I unloaded all photos that were on my memory card.  I packed my camera bag.  I got a diaper bag ready so that I’d be prepared with Hazel.  I checked the weather forecast. Conner and I planned out dropping Oliver off in the morning.

This morning we woke up on time.  Conner took Oliver to his nanny’s while I pumped some milk, ate breakfast, and got ready to go.  I checked the weather online again.  It was forecast to be overcast–which was what I wanted.  I think that foliage really pops with the gray background.  Plus, if it’s overcast the sun doesn’t give me migraines.  I looked out the window, and it wasn’t raining.

I strapped Hazel on, gathered all the stuff I’d need, and Conner and I went outside to go catch the train.

Heavy drizzle.  Too heavy to soldier on and pretend that my daughter wouldn’t get soaking wet in her moby wrap in the 45* weather.

Now I’m back inside, blogging about the photos that I didn’t get.  I guess tomorrow’s another day!


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