Cherry Blossom Festival!

I went to the Cherry Blossom Festival the other day to get some photography practice in. Also, it seems like since we’ve been in DC, we miss all of the annual events (like the White House Easter Egg Roll thing–we only have one more year to hit it–luckily it’ll be with a different Pres…). Anyway, this year I made it. Hazel and I took the train down, and here are some of the shots.

Here is a view from across the Tidal Pool:

This was a tree that I actually took while I was crossing the street. (There was a long walk sign!)

The Jefferson Monument (I’ll bet Oliver would have a blast on those stairs…)

I wanted to be able to get a feel for how busy the Cherry Blossoms look:

As well as how delicate they are individually:



And on the day that I went down to the city, it was incredibly cloudy and foggy. I took a snapshot of a plane that I could hardly see with the naked eye, and that didn’t show up on camera at all. I had to really play with the tones in order to find the plane at all. I think it turned out kind of cool–old-timey looking:

And, because spring has not quite sprung yet:


3 responses to “Cherry Blossom Festival!

  1. Hey, I am a very occasional reader – we live in Spotsylvania, VA. I didn’t know you were semi-local.

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