Because Yesterday Wasn’t Enough

Today, I had Hazel in her Moby again, and was riding on the bus.  A sweet old lady got on the bus and asked “Is that a baby in there?”.  Dumb question, but she was old, so we’ll move on and not mock her.  Especially since when I said yes she looked absolutely delighted. 

The woman sitting beside me then says, “Oh, I was wondering that too.  I thought maybe it was just your stomach.”

Um, hello?!  First of all, you’re saying that you thought that me + baby was just me?  How big and misshapen do you think I am?  Second of all, I had a HAT on Hazel.  A freakin’ hat!  No, I generally don’t walk around calling attention to my misshapen tummy fat by covering it with a sweet brown-and-pink paisley HAT!

Idiot woman.  What is wrong with people?  Think before you speak, folks. 

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