Advice for a Beggar

Generally, when someone asks me if I have any money, if I have some change or a couple of bucks on me, I’ll give it.  No big deal.

My advice to the person who approached me today–if you come at me from behind while I am strapping my infant into her car seat, the answer is not only going to be, ‘No’, but it’s going to be a terrified, ‘Hell no, and get the *&#@ away from me and my children.’

It’s nothing against you, you see.  But I don’t know about any other mothers, but I feel quite vulnerable when I’m putting the kids in the car.  I am unlikely to stop buckling my squirmy five month old to pull out my wallet and fish for some cash for you.  It just sounds like a recipe for a disaster.


2 responses to “Advice for a Beggar

  1. Two stories:

    Yesterday, while I was running, I was powering up the steepest hill in the neighborhood with my headphones on, obviously sweaty, breathing hard, and struggling. This guy is standing there, and he motions for me to pull my earphones out. I’m not a butthole, and the guy could want to talk to me for like a hundred reasons, so I pull out my earphones and he asks me for fifty cents.

    This is a pretty big apartment complex, and he was right outside of the convenience store, so there is plenty of pedestrian traffic. It’s not like I was running through an abandoned desert or anything and he was there with broken legs and couldn’t stand up to go anywhere else. And plus, who goes running with spare change? Seriously, I go running with my iPod and my clothes, and nothing else. But the point is, stopping me in the middle of the most intense part of my exercise routine to ask me for spare change is not going to make me excited about sharing with you, even if I had anything to share.

    Second story:

    Near where I worked this summer down on Wall Street there’s this panhandler lady who kind of jumps out at you and leans right into your personal space and demands money to buy a sandwich. If you say no or walk past her she yells different things like “the economy’s bad, you know; you’re gonna get a pink slip soon!”

    Um, making me scared about my economic security is not a good way to get me to give up the money I have right now.

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