Oh, Root Canal! Oh, Root Canal!

Argh!  This just won’t end.

I went in to have my root canal done.  The hygienist said I wouldn’t need gas–apparently the endodontist is that good.  He also said I wouldn’t need it.

He numbed me up (and I got the shakes).  They took x-rays (which cut up the insides of my mouth, like always, and made me gag like mad).  He went in to do the root canal.

And that should be the end of my story right?  Ha!  Not with my stubborn, horrible teeth that are punishing me (for braces, maybe?).  No, part of the tooth has calcified, so he had to inject it with something to break up the calcification.  He closed me up, and I have to go back for another session.  Seriously–can I cry now?

The soonest appointment they had was the 20th.  The 20th!  That’s two weeks away!  And then I have to go through the shots and the x-rays all over again.

The good news is that he says he can get it done, and that I am no more likely to need a dental implant in the future than I am with any other root canal-ed tooth.

The bad news is that I’ve maxed out my insurance for the year, so most of this root canal is out of pocket.  Bah, humbug.

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