Babywearing Mania!


Hazel and I both love using the Moby Wrap to carry her around in. She’ll fall asleep, and there’s nothing as sweet as a sleeping child snuggling with me. Since being home from New York, I’ve missed all the babywearing time that we had–we just aren’t out and about as much.

We also got an Ergo carrier. I’d heard nothing but raves about it, and I thought it would be more practical in some instances. Also, since it can be used as a back carrier, Conner could carry the kids around if needed (which probably will be needed in a couple of weeks when I’m at my training in Atlanta and he’s with the kids all day in Atlanta!) on his back. The Moby works as a back carrier too, but it is a bit feminine for Conner to wear (being lilac and all).

Just for fun, I wanted to see if I could be a Mommy camel, and was able to wear both kids at the same time. It would have come in useful during some of our day trips in NYC!


3 responses to “Babywearing Mania!

  1. Katy, that is awesome… over 4th of July weekend I ended up at the emergency room by myself with three kids. We finally got released around 3am…. I walked out of there with all three kids asleep; one in the stroller, one in the bjorn, and the other in a ring sling… I played hero music in my head for myself as I walked us to the car and got them all buckled in without waking anyone! Hip Hip Hurrah! Fun to see a picture of someone else doing “super-mom” antics!

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