The Wonders of Halloween

Our apartment complex had early trick-or-treating this evening (similar to early voting, I guess?), so while Conner was in his night class, I attempted to dress up the kids and take them out to visit the buildings.  Here is the chain of events:

1.  I attempt to put on Oliver’s Thomas the Train costume.  (He chose it.)  He refuses to have anything to do with the costume and only wants to wear the hat.

2.  I attempt to put on Hazel’s ladybug costume.  The costume comes with cute booties, so I’m trying to slip those over her black tights.  They’re a bit oddly shaped, so they don’t slide on easily.  I get one on, and work on the other… while Oliver pulls off the first one.  I put on the second one, and go back to work on the first one.

3.  I go to work on Hazel’s ladybug mittens.  She starts crying.

4.  I finally get Hazel’s entire costume put on.  She’s still crying.  Oliver is sitting on the couch telling me that he wants a sandwich.  With soybean butter and jam.

5.  I ask Oliver if he wants to put on his costume.  He refuses.  I ask him if he wants to go get candy.  Predictably, his eyes light up.  I tell him that if he wants candy, he’s going to have to put on his costume.

6.  Hazel is still crying.

7.  Oliver is crying.

8.  I drag Oliver over to the mirror and put the costume on him.  Now that he can see himself, he says, “Oh, cool.”  Hazel is still crying.

9.  I strap Hazel into her baby carrier and drape her cape on the outside of it so that her costume shows.

10.  We’re off!

The best part about the evening is that I was trying to explain to Oliver that he should say, “Trick or Treat!”.  After the second time I said it, he turned to me very seriously and said, “No, Mommy.  I say please.”

Unnecessary Stickers

I keep seeing people’s bumper stickers and wondering why they bother putting them on their car.

For example, I saw someone driving a Prius with an Obama/Biden sticker. 

Really?  I mean, if you were to guess who the person driving the Prius was going to vote for, you’d assume Obama/Biden, right?  So why mess up your car?