Unnecessary Stickers

I keep seeing people’s bumper stickers and wondering why they bother putting them on their car.

For example, I saw someone driving a Prius with an Obama/Biden sticker. 

Really?  I mean, if you were to guess who the person driving the Prius was going to vote for, you’d assume Obama/Biden, right?  So why mess up your car?


5 responses to “Unnecessary Stickers

  1. Sadly, almost every pickup truck I drive past does contain a McCain sticker. That, or the rebel flag. or Both.

    Ironically, I did see a hybrid last week (not a Prius, but a hybrid SUV of some kind) with a McCain sticker on it too. I guess I just live in McCain country.

  2. That’s really funny you posted that-just today I was talking to Kris about it. I worked with this guy a few years ago, that was a little obsessed with Kerry being president. And he “stickered it” all over his car. And then he didn’t win, so then what do you do? Just hang your head when people pass you yelling (insert voice from the Simpsons) “Hah Heh!!” I don’t know…..

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