My Twilight Adventure

My friend Alana and I went to go see Twilight a couple of weeks ago. We both had some major beef with the book, so we knew we’d have a blast. Photos might explain our night the best:

Me, getting ready for the evening:

My super cool shirt:

Alana and I. I believe that I might have screamed when Edward came on screen. Because what better than a much-too-close-up to make a girl swoon?

Ahhh! He’s fine. And that’s glitter on her face… not sweat… unless this was a Carlisle scene… then I think she might have been panting next to me.

Washing her hands of the whole thing (and possibly vowing never to go out with me in public again…)

I knew she’d relent eventually, though. Who can resist some Katy-love?

One response to “My Twilight Adventure

  1. I look suitably terrified. Understandably I think… We clearly need to find a $2 copy of the DVD and start a Rocky Horror/MST3K situation once it’s out.

    Plus, did you here that they’re getting a new director. Apparently hordes of screaming teenaged fans don’t redeem you from way too close close-ups. And ghetto-sparkle.

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