m&m humor

Oliver refuses to use the potty. During one of my attempts to encourage him, I offered him m&ms for potty use. He has decided that diapers are preferable to m&ms. This has the fortunate side effect that when I eat m&ms and he wants them, I can tell him that since he hasn’t used the potty, he can’t have m&ms.

This has resulted in a couple of really funny conversations.

1. He saw some Christmas m&ms (you know–red, white, green…). He said, “Can I have those m&ms, Mommy?” I said, “Do you want to use the potty?” He replied, “No. But these are Christmas m&ms. They’re not for the potty.”

2. Our friends, Ben and Liz, came over the other night. Ben left to use the restroom, and Oliver followed him. Ben said that he was going to use the bathroom, and that he would be out in a minute. Oliver promptly ran up to me in the living room and said, “Mommy! Ben is using the potty! I need to get him m&ms! He’s using the potty!” I helped him get two m&ms out of the bag, and he ran to the bathroom, ready to reward Ben for using the potty.

I’m sure that there have been more, but these are the two that spring to mind right now.


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