I’m Sad About

I’ve been trying to work with Oliver when he’s frustrated or upset or throwing a tantrum to name what he’s feeling. So when he’s angry, I say, “Oh, you’re angry huh. I get angry when my sister takes my stuff too.” Or something along those lines (and Britt–stay away from my clothes! I really DO get angry! haha).

Anyway, Oliver gets it. And now when something doesn’t go his way, he’ll turn his saddest face to us as say, “I’m sad.”
“Why are you sad, Oliver?”
“I’m sad about wanting to play trains and tracks.”
“I’m sad about the colors.”
“I’m sad about my super-duper track.”
“I’m sad about naptime.”

It manages to be hilarious, sweet, and heartbreaking at the same time.

Plus, he never expresses other feelings. He’s never angry, or frustrated, or happy. If he’s clearly frustrated, I’ll ask, “are you frustrated?”, and he’ll say, “No. I’m sad.”


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