“Don’t You Have Kids?!”

So, I admit it. Occasionally I swear. And by occasionally, I mean whenever I feel like it. I’m not ashamed, I don’t feel guilty–they are just words and sometimes I choose to use them instead of the more politically correct “Shoot” or “Fudge”.

I went to a dinner the other night with some friends, including some people I didn’t know. I was talking with a friend about something, and I said the F-word.

The girl sitting a few seats away was apparently listening in, and interrupted.
Her: Did you just say “#$%@”?
Me: Uh, I guess so. I wasn’t really paying attention.
Her: Don’t you have kids?
Me: Uhhhh, yeah. But I don’t think they can hear me. They’re at home, sleeping.

Now, please, let’s all give her a big, cyber eye-roll.


7 responses to ““Don’t You Have Kids?!”

  1. This morning Oliver (age 2) was playing with Candyland when Hazel (10 months) crawled over and started waving the box (filled with cards) around. Oliver tries to get his stuff back and keep his cards from going everywhere, and as he is doing this, he says “shit shit shit shit shit shit shit!”

    I looked at Katyjane…

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