My New Diet Plan

I should specify before I write this that I am not actually on a diet or trying to lose weight.

As I’ve been spending so much time at work, sleeping so little, and surviving the days through the liberal use of coffee, Diet Coke, and chocolate covered espresso beans.

I noticed on Inauguration Day that I was jumping around like four kids in a Bounce House, and realized that the caffeine might actually be making me jittery.

So, I’ve started telling people that my new diet plan is to drink so much coffee that I get a full cardio workout through fidgeting all day.


2 responses to “My New Diet Plan

  1. Thank you for sharing us your new diet plan, it is indeed good. I suggest you to also try the Atkins Diet plan. It is proven effective and beneficial. To follow the diet you cut out most of your carbohydrate intake but you can eat as much fat and proteins as you want while still losing weight. Cheers!

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