Maryland Sheep & Wool Unsuccess Story

I took the kids to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this morning. It’s about 45 minutes away, and so we set off at about 8. The car ride over was pretty uneventful; Oliver and I sang and danced to Kelly Clarkson’s new album. When we were about 4 miles away, traffic got pretty backed up.
The view in front of us:

The view behind us:

Oliver got bored in traffic, so I let him play with the camera. Here are his shots.
Hazel, taking her morning nap:


… his legs… He really likes taking pictures of his legs.

“I got my foot, Mommy!”

Attempting more self-portraits:



When we got there, it started to rain. Like, driving onto the grounds, the rain started. Kind of annoying, but we decided we’d tough it out. It was pretty warm, and a little bit of rain has never done anything except frizz my hair. The volunteers assisting people in parking were kind of mean–they yelled at us, and made me park unreasonably far away, especially considering that there was a ton of open space we could have parked in that was eons closer.

As we were walking towards the festival, a good Samaritan gave us an umbrella. It was incredibly sweet and thoughtful, but there is a good reason I don’t usually give an umbrella to my three year old (and any parent of a toddler will tell you that having an umbrella means letting him hold it). Oliver looked adorable with it (and I got a lot of compliments on my beautiful daughter and her beautiful blond curls), but in twirling it around and dawdling, he almost took out a few eyes along the way.

When we got into the festival we headed straight for the animals. Oliver had been pretty excited to see them, and Hazel loves animals (future vet?) with a passion I haven’t really seen before. She just gets so excited about them. Anyway, we saw a lot of lambs and sheep and ewes. Someone who had just shown their sheep let Oliver and Hazel pet him. His wool was incredible–thick and beautiful. But the sheep didn’t ‘baa’ like a normal sheep. It yelled and scared Oliver. But Oliver remembered his name–Hudson.

After the animals, I was hoping to browse some yarn. But due to the rain, the umbrellas everywhere (there were really a ton of people there considering the weather), and my fear of losing Oliver, I didn’t browse too much, and did not find anything that jumped out at me and demanding that I buy it. So, we left empty handed (well, with a new umbrella).

It was too rainy at the fair to take any pictures, but when we got home the rain had stopped, so we played outside. Here is Oliver’s new umbrella:

And a gratuitous shot of Miss Hazel.

So, altogether it was a fun way to spend the morning even if it was kind of a bust. I think I might just like going and doing cool things with my kids.


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