Dear kids,

You’re making me bonkers.



7 responses to “Bonkers

  1. Boy, can I relate. 🙂

    Here’s a question for you. You work, your husband (used to) go to school (congratulations to Conner by the way!) and you have two kids.

    I’ve been running a marketing business out of my home, but the economy is bad and I think I need to go out and get a job for the next couple years while my husband is in school.

    Can I just ask…how do you do it?

  2. I found you through a gDiaper search. What a treat to find this as the first post when I clicked on your main page =) I love it when people have a sense of humor.

    And I like knowing that not only superhuman women I can never compare to can make gDiapers work!

  3. Katie, hard drugs. 🙂 (What are hard drugs vs. soft drugs, btw? And why does nobody say ‘soft drugs’?)

    How do I do it? If Kullervo wasn’t 100% behind me and, you know, doing everything, then I probably couldn’t. 🙂 The fact that he’s great and that I don’t care about things like clean apartments, dishes, or showering regularly (um, kind of kidding on that last one) helps. I love my family (always, even when they make me nuts) and I love my job (usually).

    I also don’t do diapers. That makes my whole world better. (And, for that, I will love you forever, Kullervo)

  4. Ooooh, hard drugs. I never considered tapping that resource before. My husband used to do psychedelic drugs–maybe he still has a few contacts I could hit up. 😉

    I’ve been able to work at home for all of my 2-year-old daughter’s life–and the thought of sending her to daycare (which we tried once; she hated it) kind of breaks my heart. Not that I think a kid can’t do well in daycare or anything.

    On the other hand, the thought of not having enough food to feed her breaks my heart more.

    My hubby is a grad student in theatre, which means he’s gone a lot…and he’s supportive, but not so supportive that he does all diapers. (WOW. When we become actual sister-wives and have to consolidate our husbands, so far I’m leaning toward yours just on that fact alone!!!)

    Oh, I also wanted to say that I saw over on Jack’s blog that you were talking about writing your story. I would love to hear it, too. I have several questions I’d probably like to ask you at some point, too, but don’t want to come across as totally impertinent.

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