Good Vibrations

Funny story at Conner’s expense (note that if you are easily scandalized, turn away now before it’s too late!):

As Conner recently graduated from law school, I got him three graduation gifts, one for each year of law school. For the first year, in which he undoubtedly worked the hardest, I planned a trip to the Poconos for two nights. Specifically, to the Champagne Tower room, which, if you look at it, is clearly designed for one thing only. (And the mirrors on the ceilings totally were going to freak me out, by the way!) His second gift, for the year of law school that he still kind of cared about, was a new pair of cowboy boots. They’re black and way hotter than the snakeskin ones that I hate. His third gift was a set of game figures since he hardly worked his third year.

Anyway, we planned our getaway to the Poconos, my nanny agreed to babysit, we booked our room and got an incredible rate. All was set. The night before we were supposed to leave, I was going through the bills and other mail that I routinely ignore, and found a summons to jury duty for Conner that I had left out since it was coming up. On the second day of our trip.

Conner called the number to see if he had to show up at all, and, of course, he did. We were so disappointed; we called the resort, and the rate that we had received for two nights was basically the same as we would pay for one night. Luckily, they let us cancel, because we would have had to drive for 5-6 hours to get there, and it just wouldn’t have been worth it. To salvage our one night, we still took the kids to their nanny, and we rented a Mustang convertible (hot!) and drove down to Richmond and stayed at the Jefferson Hotel. We had a great time.

The next day, Conner reported as required to jury duty. Here’s the thing though–he hadn’t emptied his bag from our trip. When he got to security, they opened his bag and he had to take out some… erm… personal, battery operated… toys. Totally embarrassing, totally scandalous, and when he texted me to tell me, I laughed for about 10 minutes.

Conner was put on a criminal trial, and the deliberations lasted into the next day. So, once again, Conner reported to the courthouse. And, once again… he had forgotten to empty his bag! To make matters worse (and even funnier since it wasn’t happening to me), this time, they made him take everything out and turn it on!!!

Buzz buzz buzz…


4 responses to “Good Vibrations

  1. Yeah, Katie, I pretty much posted that hoping that if you were having a bad day you would stumble on it and it would make you laugh.

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