The Potty

Oliver has begun potty training.  If he is naked, he’s a superstar and goes and sits on the potty ever time he feels the need to pass gas.

Wearing underwear, on the other hand–he doesn’t care.  He just lets loose.

It’s gross.  But I’m plowing through it.  But when he’s potty trained, I’m getting the carpet cleaned.  😀


5 responses to “The Potty

  1. we are in the same situation! Ian loved to announce “I PEED!” or “I POOPED!!”, especially in public places, but only when he’s pantsless do we ever hear “I’m going to (or “I’m starting to..”) pee!” I had imagined, at some point, that when we trained him it would be too cold for running around bare-butted. Ha ha, apparently not.

  2. Oh boy. I need to start potty training my kid, because she’s two and a half now, but I don’t want to. It’s such a big project. I don’t love big projects, especially when they involved bodily fluids. 😦

  3. Ahhh…potty training. My son is completely toilet trained as far as peeing is concerned.But potty just doesnt seem to be happening. The worst part is that he is constipated and can put pressure only when he is standing :( he is kinda scared now of us potty training him. So we have backed up little bit and we are trying to see if he is willing to simply walk to the bathroom and stand there and poo. That itself will be a step forward.

  4. Katie–my amazing potty secret is to not bother. lol! Actually, probably the only potty advice I would dare to give to any parent is to do what works for your kid. Oliver has made all of his transitions by himself, when he was ready. He weaned himself. He switched to the toddler bed. He gave up the pacifier. And he’s deciding that he’s ready to start using the potty. Hazel is totally different, personality-wise, and all of my brilliance and wisdom I’ve gained with Oliver does nothing for me.

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