Public Bathrooms

So, like all people, I don’t love public bathrooms.  However, they are a necessary grossness–anyone with a toddler can agree (not that I could ever get Oliver to sit on one).

My top complaints about public bathrooms:

1.  People who don’t flush the toilet.  I mean, seriously.  Do you think that the person who uses it after you really wants to see what you just did?  Learn to balance on one foot and flush with your shoe. 

2.  Toilet paper dispensers that like to try to limit the amount of toilet paper you can use.  What’s up with that?  Why do they think that making it really really difficult to get toilet paper is going to make me use less?  Why, when you’re handing out cheap, one ply toilet paper, are you going to try to make it one square?  We can’t all be Sheryl Crow, here.

3.  People who leave toilet paper spread out all over the seat.  Um, gross.  If YOU don’t want to touch what you were just sitting on, I certainly don’t. 

4.  When people don’t dispose of their… feminine hygiene products in a way that makes me not have to see them. 

5.  Speaking of feminine hygiene, it’s a pain when the dispensers are broken.  During emergency situations, I have been known to mangle my hand to steal one when it didn’t like my quarter. 

6.  Pee on the seats.

So, my conclusion:  Make the world a happier place.  Before you exit the stall, take a quick peek and make sure you’ve left the place in a decent enough condition that the next person won’t feel like they need to soak their hands in bleach to disinfect them when they’re done.

11 responses to “Public Bathrooms

  1. Katy, the women’s restroom in my hallway is regularly disrespected. This is unpleasant for obvious reasons, and it also creates an awkward “who did it” mystery because any woman seen exiting the restroom is always under suspicion, even if she was just an innocent patron who was equally appalled with the lack of decorum demonstrated by the anonymous perpetrator.

    And so, I think I will hang your post on the wall in there. The madness must come to an end.

  2. Katy, Brilliant post. 10 points.

    Whitney, workplace bathroom mysteries are the worst. I once worked with a guy who would disappear into the bathroom for like 10 minutes every 2 hours or so. My co-workers and I always wondered if he was “enjoying his own company” in there. I guess he just could’ve had digestive problems, but that is a far less scandalous thing to gossip about, so we never seriously entertained it as a possibility.

    Hey. Did anyone here ever see the musical Urinetown? Great show…

  3. Hi, Total stranger here who somehow wandered onto your blog (from various links on pagan values to your husband’s blog posts on being ex-mo, as I am). I live in semi-rural China and I just HAD to say that you haven’t seen foulness until you’ve seen a public bathroom in semi-rural China. Dirty, dirty, dirty beyond belief. I have been known to enter them with scented tissue shoved up my nostrils, and I have been forever scarred by feminine hygiene products. I’m just glad I do not yet have any children to scar!

  4. Where in semi-rural China?

    One time in Germany at a graveyard, I had to go to the bathroom super-bad, and the electricity was out in the bathrooms, so I just went into the dark stall and sat down. Big mistake.

  5. LOL Kullervo – With that imagery, I can just imagine except I really don’t want to!

    I live in Shandong Province, on the east coast towards the north (If I look due east I see South Korea.) I say semi-rural because I live in a small city (of 3 million) that is only now developing and it really does have a village feel to it. Plus no one’s ever heard of it, until it hit international news this week with word that some local psychiatrist has been using electro-shock therapy to cure Internet addicted teens.

  6. Amen times 100.
    I have muttered to myself many times:
    If women are so delicate that they cannot bear to sit down (thus hovering and sprinkling the seat) or touch anything (thus leaving the toiley unflushed) THEY SHOULD HOLD IT UNTIL THEY GET HOME.

    Honestly.It’s a PUBLIC bathroom. The person before me was too grossed out to sit on a shared seat, but I’m supposed to wipe up after her? Yeesh.

    And at the same time, it makes me wonder what my behavior at shared conveniences is communicating to Ian.

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